250 Essential Chinese Characters Volume 1: Revised Edition (HSK Level 1)

By Philip Yungkin Lee

This is a useful learn consultant for studying uncomplicated chinese language characters.

250 crucial chinese language Characters quantity 1 is a moment variation, thoroughly revised and with 50 percentage new fabric. that includes a brand new layout; information for mastery all through; workouts in AP-exam structure; revolutionary evaluation sections; and a number of other indices, this quantity is an important studying instrument for somebody attracted to the chinese and an effective way to benefit chinese language characters.

  • grasp every one character's radical, stroke count number and meaning.
  • develop in talent via studying compound words.
  • instance sentences convey tips to use them in context.
  • assessment actions toughen your leaning progress.
  • worthwhile writing courses and perform grids for each character.

After learning this publication including its significant other, 250 crucial chinese language Characters, quantity 2, you will have discovered 500 of crucial characters in chinese language, and millions of phrases during which they seem. no matter if you are new to chinese language or coming again for evaluation, each one of those 250 characters provides you with how you can enhance your talents to learn chinese language and write chinese language.

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2 liángkuài 凉快 137. four liángshuǎng 凉爽 137. three liángxié 凉鞋 137. five liǎng 两 38. 1 liǎngbànr 两半儿 38. five liǎng cì 两次 38. three liǎng ge 两个 38. 2/39. 2 liǎngpáng 两旁 213. four liǎng suì 两岁 38. four liàng 亮 178. 1 liàngjīngjīng 亮晶晶 178. 2 liàngtang 亮堂 178. three líng 零 eleven. 1 língjiàn 零件 159. four língqián 零钱 eleven. 3/161. four língsuì 零碎 eleven. four língxià 零下 eleven. 2 língyòngqián 零用钱 eleven. five lǐngshìguǎn 领事馆 198. three liù 六 6. 1 Liùyī 六一 6. four Liùyuè 六月 6. 2 lù 路 236. 1 lùbiāo 路标 236. 2 lùkǒu 路口 236. four lùshang 路上 236. three lùxiàn 路线 236. five lǜshī 律师 eighty two. five luànqībāzāo 乱七八糟 eight. five M ma 妈 forty nine. 1 mama 妈妈 forty nine. 2 mǎ 马 ninety three. 1 mǎhu 马虎 ninety three. three Mǎlāsōng 马拉松 ninety three. five mǎlù 马路 ninety three. 2 mǎshàng 马上 ninety three. four ma 吗 26. 1 mǎi 买 229. 1 mǎibudào 买不到 229. five mǎibuqǐ 买不起 229. three mǎideqǐ 买得起 229. 2 mǎimài 买卖 229. 4/230. five mài 卖 230. 1 màilì 卖力 230. three màinòng 卖弄 230. four màizuò 卖座 230. 2 màn 慢 seventy four. 1 mànjìngtóu 慢镜头 seventy four. 2 mànmàn 慢慢 seventy four. three màntēngtēng 慢腾腾 seventy four. four màntiáo-sīlǐ 慢条斯理 seventy four. five māo 猫 ninety one. 1 māotóuyīng 猫头鹰 ninety one. five máo 毛 a hundred sixty five. 1 máobǐ 毛笔 a hundred sixty five. three máobìng 毛病 one hundred sixty five. four máoyī 毛衣 a hundred sixty five. 2/152. 2 me 么 25. zero méi 没 forty six. 1 méi guānxi 没关系 forty six. three méiwán-méiliǎo 没完没了 forty six. five méi yìsi 没意思 forty six. 4/181. four méiyǒu 没有 forty six. 2 měi 美 sixty three. 1 Měiguó 美国 sixty three. five měihǎo 美好 sixty three. three měihuà 美化 sixty three. four měilì 美丽 sixty three. 2 Měiyuán 美元 162. 2 měi 每 201. 1 měi ge xīngqī 每个星期 201. five měiměi 每每 201. 2 měinián 每年 201. four měitiān 每天 201. three mèi 妹 fifty three. 1 mèifu 妹夫 fifty three. four males 们 17. zero mǐfàn 米饭 112. five míng 名 27. 1 míngpái 名牌 27. three míngpiàn 名片 27. four míngshèng 名胜 27. five míngzi 名字 27. 2 míng 明 a hundred and forty four. 1 míngbai 明白 one hundred forty four. three míngliàng 明亮 178. four míngtiān 明天 a hundred and forty four. three míngxiǎn 明显 a hundred and forty four. five míngzhī 明知 one hundred forty four. 2 mò 末 226. 1 mòbānchē 末班车 226. four mòqī 末期 226. three mòrì 末日 226. five mǔ 母 seventy seven. 1 mǔgǒu 母狗 ninety. three mǔmāo 母猫 ninety one. 2 mǔqin 母亲 seventy seven. 2/78. four mǔxiào 母校 186. five mǔyǔ 母语 seventy seven. four N nǎ 哪 fifty seven. 1 nǎguórén 哪国人 fifty seven. five nǎli 哪里 fifty seven. 3/59. 2 nǎr 哪儿 fifty seven. 2 nǎxiē 哪些 fifty seven. four nà 那 183. 1 nà ge 那个 183. 2 nàbian 那边 183. four nàme 那么 25. 2/183. three nàqù 拿去 184. five nàyìjiàn 拿意见 181. five nán 男 89. 1 nán cèsuǒ 男厕所 89. five nán’gāoyīn 男高音 89. four nánháir 男孩儿 86. 2/89. 2 nánpéngyou 男朋友 21. 3/89. three nánshìmen 男士们 17. four nán 南 205. 1 Nánbànqiú 南半球 205. five nánbian 南边 205. 2 nánbù 南部 205. three nánfāng 南方 205. four ne 呢 forty nine. 1-49. five nèi 内 211. zero nèibù 内部 211. 1 nèikē 内科 211. three nèiróng 内容 211. 2 nèiyī 内衣 211. four nèizhèng 内政 211. five néng 能 232. 1 nénggàn 能干 232. three nénggòu 能够 232. 2 nénglì 能力 232. four néngyuán 能源 232. five nǐ 你 14. 1 nǐ hǎo! 你好 14. 2 nǐmen 你们 14. 3/17. 1 nǐmen hǎo! 你们好 14. four nǐmende 你们的 14. five nián 年 146. 1 niánjì 年纪 146. three niánqīng 年轻 146. four niánsuì 年岁 fifty five. three niǎo 鸟 ninety two. 1 niǎowō 鸟窝 ninety two. 2 nín 您 sixty six. 1 nín hǎo! 您好! sixty six. 2 nín zǎo! 您早! sixty six. three niújiǎo 牛角 164. four niúzǎikù 牛仔裤 154. three nǚ 女 88. 1 nǚ’ér 女儿 88. 2 nǚháizi 女孩子 86. three nǚqiángrén 女强人 88. three nǚpéngyou 女朋友 21. four nǚshēng 女生 88. four nǚshìmen 女士们 17. three nuǎn 暖 420. 1 nuǎnhūhū 暖呼呼 420. 2 nuǎnhuo 暖和 420. three nuǎnqì 暖气 420. four P páng 旁 213. 1 pángbiān 旁边 213. 2 pángguānzhě 旁观者 213. four pángtīng 旁听 213. three pèijiàn 配件 159. three péng 朋 21. 1 péngyou 朋友 21. 2 píxié 皮鞋 158. five piányi 便宜 168. 5/169. four piāo 漂 177. 1 piāoyóu 漂游 177. 2 piǎobáifě 漂白粉 177. three piàoliang 漂亮 177. four piàolianghua 漂亮话 177.

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