1001 Vocabulary & Spelling Questions

Even if somebody is interpreting, talking, or writing, having a powerful vocabulary is necessary. This ebook is the simplest perform to enhance vocabulary talents, and to prevail on checks akin to the Verbal component of the SAT or the GRE. This thoroughly revised workbook has perform for every type of attempt questions, corresponding to sentence final touch, interpreting comprehension, analogies, and discovering misspelled phrases. furthermore, each query has a whole resolution rationalization so readers can examine from their blunders.

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Fifty four. d. A hostel and an hotel are either accommodation seventy three. c. forthcoming skill to be within the close to or areas. speedy destiny; quickly. fifty five. b. A mesa and a plateau are either excessive table-74. a. Inordinate ability to exceed moderate lands; flat-topped hills with precipitous limits; over the top capability going past a aspects. basic restrict. fifty six. d. Ado ability a hubbub or commotion; fuss. seventy five. a. matted capacity marked by means of ailment or fifty seven. a. imprecise capacity hid or hidden. disarray; rumpled potential mussed or fifty eight. a. A malicious motion is meant to hurt, as tangled up. is a spiteful motion. seventy six. c. disappointed is the of being dis-59. d. out of date and outdated either suggest no appointed or disillusioned. longer in use. seventy seven. d. question capacity to invite questions; inquire. 60. a. An expansive character is talkative, seventy eight. d. Clemency is an act or example of leniency; open, and sociable. mercy capacity compassion proven to an sixty one. a. Relinquish ability to permit move or unencumber; criminal. abandon potential to abandon. sixty two. b. Submissive capability appearing in submission to others; obedient implies compliance as C h a p t e r 2 : A n t o n y m s good. sixty three. a. Ponderous capacity heavy; unwieldy or seventy nine. b. To be alert is to be attentive; to be inatten-clumsy due to weight or measurement. tive is not to watch out, be unmindful. sixty four. a. Stoical skill no longer displaying ardour or feel-80. d. wary skill prudent and discreet; ing; emotionless potential expressionless. reckless skill to ignore or be indiffer- ent of the results of an act and is the other of wary. 1 1 6 –A N S W E R E X P L A N A T I O N S – eighty one. a. Shameful capability dishonorable; honorable 102. d. To forsake is to desert; to cherish is to capacity to be wonderful or illustrious, carry pricey, to nurture. the other of shameful. 103. b. To restrain is to carry again, regulate; to eighty two. c. obscure skill no longer transparent or yes; convinced unencumber is to unencumber. potential essentially outlined. 104. c. To be bleak is to be dreary; to be brilliant is eighty three. c. weak skill open to assault or vulnerable; to be awesome. safe is the other of vulnerable. one zero five. a. Unruly potential now not simply controlled, con- eighty four. a. misery skill nice pressure, disenchanted; convenience trolled, or disciplined; c ontrollable is the potential calmness and peace. contrary. eighty five. a. solidarity capability concord or compatibility; 106. b. unity potential union; disunity capability discord skill a scarcity of concord. department. 86. c. make clear skill to clarify; imprecise 107. a. To retract is to withdraw; to claim is to capability to make darkish, dim, or vague. verify. 87. a. To furnish is to allow; to disclaim is to refuse 108. b. Concise capacity brief or short; long to allow. skill lengthy. 88. b. neutral ability now not partial or biased; 109. d. disregard ability to go away out; comprise potential to prejudiced ability biased. soak up. 89. c. recommended capability punctual; tardy ability past due. a hundred and ten. b. restrict capability to forbid; enable potential to ninety. b. To hold up is to gradual; to hasten is to rush. let. ninety one. c. to assuage is to convenience; to irritate is to 111. b. divulge capability to bare; disguise potential to annoy. disguise or disguise, to avoid disclosure. ninety two. d. reasonable ability general; over the top ability 112.

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